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3 Keys to Unlock Your Intuition Jan 27, 2020

Using your intuition is like bearing witness to a story being told by Spirit.

We were all born with the ability to dream, and to create in our imaginations. Think about how vividly you create worlds through reading novels. We often feel like we are visiting real places, and can even become emotionally attached to the characters in the story!

Like all gifts we hold within, we must tend to them, nurture them, and help them grow.

With the 3 Keys I describe below, you will enter the space within your Self which opens you up to experiencing Intuitive guidance.

Your Intuition speaks to you through your senses.

Notice if you predominately "see", "hear" or "feel" when your imagination comes alive. This is likely to be your most prominent intuitive muscle. Focus on that sense to continue to develop it even more.

Like anything you want to get good at, you have to practice!

Intuition is a skill that can be practiced and learned by anyone who has a desire to deepen their Intuitive skills.

To access your Intuition, you first need to create a connection to your Self, and to All-That-Is from a very grounded and connected space.

What I always do before I do a reading is to tune in, and drop in.

What does this mean?

First of all, anyone can do this. Absolutely everyone has the power to connect to themselves and to whatever-is-greater-than-the-self.


Tune In

Tuning in, means turning inward. Toward the Self. Toward your heart. Toward the still place within. Get out of the mind and the ego, and into a place of neutrality (more on all that below!).

Drop In

Dropping in, means getting connected with Mother Earth and Source energy. This allows you to "grid" or connect your energetic body through intention, to that which is above and below.

This anchors you to our planet Gaia, who will keep you grounded to the earth while you travel off into the Intuitive realms.

It also connects you to All-That-Is, the Universe, or whatever you might choose to call the omnipresent creative power that unites us all, and gives you access to the field of Intuition.

There are three basic keys to putting yourself in a state of receptivity to start to witness and trust your intuition. Give them a try!


Key # 1. Focus on your Heart, Tune Inward

When I tune in, I close my eyes. You don't have to, but if possible, rest your eyelids closed.  Focus your attention in the center of your chest, at your Heart Chakra. Let it rest there. Breathe into the heart.

The intention is to get out of the space of the mind and into the body. Bringing your attention to the heart simultaneously changes your brainwaves so that you are in a more receptive state.

Key # 2. Connect Above and Below. Drop in.

To drop in, root your energy down. Notice when you ground down that there is an equal and opposite response, a feeling of something else rising up through you.

I experience a sudden burst of energy rising upward through my spine toward the heavens. I feel the energy charging me up, and I get goosebumps from head to toe. Sometimes I kind of kink my neck a little bit.

Of course, there is no right or wrong as to how it may feel, just be open to whatever the experience is in that moment.

Check out this blog post for more on how to get grounded.

Key # 3. Put yourself in "neutral".

This is an essential part of being in the right energetic space to receive intuitive hits.

Neutrality is similar to grounding, and is sometimes called Centering. When we are connected to ourselves, to the Earth, and to the Source, we are centered in our Souls.

In this space, we want for nothing. All external trappings fall away. Desire melts into gratitude. We neither crave something different than what is, nor feel an aversion for what is. We are completely at peace with whatever unfolds.

In this space, there is no judgment of self, or of others. There are no expectations. There only is what is present, embraced with a full and loving heart for the lessons it offers us.


Don't attach yourself to your experience

I've been doing this a long time, and so don't get disheartened if you don't feel anything. It's normal to wonder: Am I doing this right? Nothing is happening!

Physical sensations may come in time, or they may not. The most important thing is intention. Intend to connect to Mother Earth, and to Father Sky/Source Energy, and it will be done.

If you are attaching yourself to a desired outcome, you will not be dropping in. To receive intuitive information, you must not be attached to the external, or the distractions of the mind.

"Practice and all is coming." - J Pattabhi Jois

This phrase still reverberates vast truth. Practice, and all the results you want are coming. Allow them to come. They are already coming. No pushing. No forcing. No expectations. Just patiently practicing, over and over again.

Practice tuning in, and dropping in. Allow yourself to rest your attention on your breath, or on the sensations of your body, for a few minutes after you connect in.

For the next week, simply find a few minutes each day to practice getting into that space of receptivity. Start to notice what feels easy, and where you might feel like you are struggling. Can you stay open to welcoming in any discomfort, uncertainty or fear, and simply continue to tune in and drop in, and cultivate neutrality? See where it takes you.

Let me know how you are doing! Send me your questions!

I can't wait to share with all of you next week!

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