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Easy 3-Step Guide to Asking Effective Oracle/Tarot Questions Mar 04, 2020

One of the most important aspects of using Oracle or Tarot cards as a divination tool, is learning how to formulate questions which will offer the most peace and opportunity for transformation!

When I do readings for clients, a huge part of my work involves reframing questions to ask the cards. How you frame your question is essential to the guidance you receive from the cards.

Follow this simple 3-step guide to ensure you are asking questions that are going to give you insight and information that you can really utilize!


1. Timeframe

2. Open-ended

3. What's My Part

1. Timeframe

There is a misconception that Divination Cards can tell you what is going to happen in the future. Because of this, many people want to ask the cards: "WHEN will XYZ happen for me"?

When we bring the question back to the present moment, we will receive guidance on how to best reach a desired outcome, which is much more useful to the querant (the person asking the questions).

When we remember that unlimited futures exist, based on how we act and think in the present moment, we stop wondering what the future holds, and instead look to what we can do right now, within ourselves, to bring ourselves closer to what we want to create.

Check out my page on "predictive readings" for more info!

Example Questions:

What changes can I make within myself to attract the perfect partner?

What steps can I take to live a more career-aligned life?

What energies are holding me back from earning the money I deserve?

2. Open-Ended

Cards are far more nuanced than just a simple yes or no. If we ask the cards to give us definitive yes or no answers, we miss out on how we might be able to get there!

Example Questions:

What can I learn from the job I am currently in?

What steps can I take to strengthen my relationship?

What lesson still needs to be learned within my current relationship?

3. What's My Part?

It is not ethical to ask about another person's energy or mindset when it comes to card divination readings. We must always place the onus on ourselves, and not other people or external circumstances. Often we want to know about what other people are thinking or doing, but when we look a bit deeper, we can start to see why we are wanting that information, and how to make changes within the self to empower ourselves, no matter what external situations present.

Example Questions:

What lessons on trust am I learning right now?

What steps can I take to bring about my desired outcome?

How should I approach this external situation for my highest and best?


Remember, divination cards are a Spiritual tool for self-growth, designed to bring about insight and wisdom into present-time situations. Through the medium of the cards, you can understand energetic undercurrents, and look within to see which lessons you are currently learning.

Life offers us opportunities to grow and learn at every turn. When we release control of what we think we need to know, and instead focus on how we can evolve and become the best and highest version of ourselves, we begin to live in harmony with who we are and what our Soul is here to express.

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