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From Separation to Unity - The Birth of our Collective Power Jan 14, 2020

There can be a tendency to withdraw from the difficult and painful.

After all, the distress of humans, animals, and the land is not pleasant to face. The first two weeks of 2020 have definitely offered us the opportunity to tune in and FEEL.

When we look around, we may feel powerless, fearful, hopeless, or overwhelmed by emotion. We may even have to face (God forbid) our own mortality.

This is felt across the landscape of our internal and external worlds. In other words, we may be tempted to avoid the really big ruptures, disasters, and the chaotic, in favor of the mundane.

The mundane is where we feel comfortable. Yes, we know it’s not living to our fullest capacity as Souls, on a journey of transforming, but it feels safe. Within that safety we have the microcosm of the daily grind. The tasks and caretaking we offer to our Selves and our dependents keep us distracted. It’s a choice. And oh-so-reasonable, after all: “I have responsibilities!”

"To deny the Australian fires, the madness of politicians, the Indonesian floods, is for me to feed my alienation and privilege" - Grandmother Sarah

Yet, as Grandmother Sarah so wisely reveals, to do so is a matter of privilege. When global catastrophe comes knocking at your door, you'll have no choice but to face it. If it’s “somewhere else”, you have an exemption.

It’s not your village that was flooded. It’s not your home burning. It’s not your country. It’s not, it’s not, it’s not…… which creates….

DISSOCIATION. Division. Separation.

Creating our own alienation.

Someone else’s problem. Not mine. To feel what they are feeling? It’s incomprehensible. Look away. It’s not there if I focus on my mundane life, and retreat into self-absorption.

What happens if we focus on community? The oneness of humanity? What role are we being asked to step into?

Facing the reality of what is happening on our planet right now, at this very moment, requires us to be vulnerable. To stand in our own truth. To take responsibility for how we show up.

This is a time when our hearts' long to tear down the old, and rebuild a new world. Together. It is time to birth a new and unifying reality. Yet, as all mother's know, giving birth isn't easy or painless. But the outcome offers the most exquisite joy, Soulful love, and an internal acknowledgement of our own strength, and the instinct of fierce protection that lives within us.


If you are ready to take the next step, you must turn towards the uncomfortable and the uncertain.

Miranda offers Spiritual guidance through the lens of the Tarot, Intuitive Channeling, and Breathwork. She is the creator of The Sacred Self Goddess Circle, a community devoted to learning Soul expansion through ritual, self-exploration and shared experience.

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