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Getting Grounded Jun 20, 2019

Grounding connects you to earth energy. When you are grounded, you feel like you are actually in your body, present, aware, sensing, alive, attuned to your emotions, attuned to your environment, focused, clear, and calm.

How do we become "ungrounded"?

Since we spend so much time indoors, looking at screens, driving our cars, traveling, juggling a lot of moving pieces, we are often in our heads, thinking, strategizing, ruminating, worrying, stressing out, and feeling like we are in a perpetual hurry, moving from one thing to the next.

We become ungrounded just by living our “normal” lives, responding to daily experiences. It can also happen more suddenly if we are sent into fight-flight-freeze, or if something triggers us.

You know that feeling when you arrive at your destination, but you don’t quite know how you got from A to B? Or when you can’t remember if you’ve locked your car. Or you don’t know where you put something, even though  you know you just had it in your hand.

In any of those situations, it’s time to get grounded.

It will take you a minimum of maybe 5 minutes, maybe a little longer if you are in a bad state, but you will feel transformed afterwards.

Try this grounding meditation:

Sit or stand comfortably, close your eyesHave your two feet flat on the groundBegin to focus on your breathImagine when you breathe in, that energy is coming in through your nose, traveling down your spine, down both legs, and into the soles of your feetImagine, as you breathe out, that there are thee roots growing out and down through the bottoms of your feet, into the earthContinue to breathe like this, imagining the breath moving through you into your feet, and down into the earth, allowing your roots to grow deeper and spread wider with every breathIf you have anything that is troubling you that you’d like to release, go ahead and intend to release it now, imagine you are sending it out and down through the bottoms of your feet, through the roots, and down into Mother EarthYou can stop here, release your roots, and open your eyes. If you’d like to continue, then keep your eyes closed and imagine drinking a beautiful green light energy from Mother Earth up through your roots, through your feet, up your legs, up your torso, down both hands, back to the shoulders and chest, up through the neck and then all the way through the head and brain, and flow out through the top of your head like a fountainWhen you feel complete, thank Mother Earth for receiving the things you no longer need, for the betterment of all.

How does it feel?

Begin to notice the difference in how you feel before, and after grounding. This can lead you into a greater awareness of when you are ungrounded, and taking the actions needed to come back to center. To come back to your body. To come back to you.

Other ways to get grounded

Put your bare feet on the earth

Go for a walk

Practice deep belly breathing

Yard Work/Planting/Gardening/Tree hugging


Practice Yoga

Receive Energy Work/Reiki

How I can help you get grounded

I have been sending Distance Reiki since 2002 with beautiful results. I am always so thrilled to hear how clients have benefited from receiving Reiki. I've seen it provide life changing effects time and time again. Receiving Reiki is very grounding, as this healing, intelligent energy flows through you, giving you exactly what you need in that moment for your highest and best. If you are interested in learning more click here.

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