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How to Choose an Oracle Deck Feb 19, 2020

There are soooo many Oracle decks out there, and most of them are in a pretty affordable price range. Once you start reading Oracle cards, you might even find that you start collecting quite a few different decks! But do you really need that many decks? If you find ones that really work for you, you won't feel the need to search for more.

Here are my top 3 Pointers on what to look for, when choosing a deck.

1. Find a deck whose imagery speaks to you!

The visuals are THE most important aspect of an Oracle card.

You use your sense of sight to look into the card, pick up on feelings, imagery and metaphors that relate to your inquiry.

So if you love the art work, the colors, the vibe, and if the images actually mean something to you when you see them, that is a great start!

People, Animals, Places

Most decks will blend all of these components, but some will be exclusive. There are plenty of animal oracle decks, there are angel decks, ascended master decks, plants and flowers, crystals... you name it! Just choose what is meaningful for you in your life already!

You may also like to consider inclusivity, and how diverse a spectrum is represented of people within a deck. Are the people featured relatable to you?

Be careful of pretty pictures that don't speak to you.

For example, you get lured in by a color pallet, or maybe by the name of the deck. You love the way the cards look, but every time you pull one, you get nothing, feel confused, and you reach for the guidebook.

Even then, sometimes he guidebook doesn't really give you the answer you are seeking.

Mostly because the most important meanings to be found within the cards come from your intuitive feelings about how the card relates to your life.


2. Decide how you feel about wording on your cards

Most Oracle cards have words or short phrases written on them. Some people like this, some not. Some descriptions featured on cards are quite long, and eliminate the need for a guidebook altogether.

There's no wrong or right, simply personal preference.

Words provide an idea of the meaning right off the bat.

I notice that clients often prefer the cards with a description on them, because they get an instant understanding of what the card means.

However, it does not necessarily translate to what that card means to them and their life situation.

The drawback to reading words on cards is that the logical mind automatically starts intellectualizing. When you use the imagery and feelings you get from the images, there is a different activation in how your body receives and digests the information and messages held within a card.

This is why I prefer fewer words. But to each their own!

Do the pictures match the description?

In some decks I've worked with, the verbal description seems completely unrelated to the imagery of the card. There is no way to match the meaning to the picture.

For me, this is confusing and inhibits my ability to tune into my intuition.

Words can help lead you, if you are working towards working without the guidebook.

It is a great practice to be able to read into a card and not need to reach for the author's description in a guidebook. If there is a word on the card, it allows you to springboard off of it, into a richer description based on the imagery.

I love to honor the work of Oracle deck creators and the time they've put into creating their decks, so I read the guidebooks a few times. But then I take that information and allow the messages to start to come through the cards, and I find that to be more effective overall.


3. The right deck feels synchronized to your life events

You know that feeling when you turn over a card and say "Oh my God! I was JUST thinking about that?", or " We were just talking about that", or "this card is perfect for this situation".

That is the feeling you are going for when you are looking for a deck.

The cards do not often throw us curveballs, or even tell us something we don't already know, deep down.

They are a confirmation, and an affirmation of how we are proceeding on the path. They help you connect to Spirit and the other Realms.

If you don't get that instant connection feeling, it's probably not going to happen with that deck.

Final Advice

The main thing is that you like the cards, they speak to you, the imagery works to connect you to a deeper meaning.

If you have to rely on the guidebook completely, that deck may not be working for you.

Allow the imagery to tell the story of the answer you are looking for.

Remember, there will likely be some cards within a deck that do not speak to you as much as others!

Lastly, this should be an enjoyable process! Do you research, look at as many images of the cards within the deck before you purchase it, and then get to know your deck!

Work with Miranda

Contact me if you are ready to use the cards to learn how to make positive shifts in your life! I offer Tarot and Oracle card readings via Zoom live video conference. Click here for more!

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