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How to Read Oracle Cards Feb 05, 2020

If you've been practicing tuning in and dropping in for the last week, congratulations!

If you missed last week's blog lesson, please start here so you don't miss anything!

I know it takes a lot of energy to embark on a new practice, and challenges and resistance are a normal part of creating change.

The tools for Intuition I am sharing are for the purposes of personal growth only. They will help you trust yourself more, make decisions with certainty and conviction, and know yourself at a deeper level.

Let's dive right in!

Last week I gave some foundational keys to creating the space in your heart, mind and energy field to open into a space of connectivity and receptivity. This week, let's practice working with your cards while cultivating that beautiful inner state.

How to Read Oracle Cards

1. STATE YOUR QUESTION before pulling a card. Even if it's as simple as "What does Spirit want me to know now?".

The more directive you can be, though, the more clarity Spirit can share with you. So try: "What does Spirit want me to know about ...X...?", or, "What does Spirit want me to know about what I can do to best serve ..X... in my life?".

2. Questions should avoid seeking future projections. Instead of: "will this relationship work out?", try: "what do I need to learn to create a lasting relationship?".

4. Get your deck, call your question to mind, and pull your card.

I will do another post on how to choose a good Oracle Card deck, how to work with a Deck, and how to formulate your questions in another blog lesson.


I pulled "No Place Like Home" from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. I love this deck!

5. Do not reach for the guidebook! Your Intuition is your guidebook during this process.

6. Let your eyes scan the card. Get your pen and notepad, and brainstorm some words or associations that come to mind, some images, symbols or numbers that stand out, and why. Allow the free flow of information to come through you. Remember, stay in neutral.

Do this BEFORE you read any further. That way you can see if any of the things you noticed were the same as me, or different - it is all information, with no wrong or right! What it means to you, is what it means for you!

What I see in this card

The first thing I notice is the banner at the bottom "No place like home". Immediately I think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, repeating and repeating that phrase to take herself back home. The message of the movie was that things aren't always what they seem, and that we may need to let go of the search for more, and simply be grateful for what we already have.

I see the house, with a light shining out of the doorway. It feels inviting.

I notice the house is on what looks like a lamp post, which makes sense with that light shining out of it. I get a feeling that our homes can be a light source for us, calling us back to ourselves.

The lamp post is rooted in the earth, where flowers are growing, reminding me of the abundant gifts of Mother Nature.

The vastness of the sky and the clouds also take up a lot of space on the card. The house seems to be "up in the clouds", alone.

I also notice the spiral shell in the top left of the card. This symbolizes the ever changing, spiralic, cyclical nature of life, as well as the individual life path we all have unfolding before us. Spirals always call DNA to mind, too, which reminds me how we can change our genes by changing our thoughts.

Back to you....

7. Interpret your notes. Begin by referring back to your question. How can you start to create a storyline with that information, as it relates to your question? Some of your notes may pop to the forefront, others may not be relevant.

My Reading

My question was: What does Spirit want me to teach you about developing your Intuition?

My interpretation through the card:

Deepening your intuition asks you to remember that all the answers lie within you (there's no place like home, where you = "home"). What is inside illuminates outward, shining light on your path forward. Intuition creates clarity.

In the field of Intuition, things may not be as they seem. The language of Spirit is metaphors, signs and symbols. Don't search for an answer. Simply notice what is already there.

To be your own lighthouse, you need to stay rooted to Mother Earth (dropping in), while also being up into the field of consciousness (Source energy/the clouds).

There is a dream-like quality to this card, which reminds me of the dream state we enter into when tuning to our Intuition. Even the Spiral Fossil takes on the feeling of a Crescent Moon (representing that which is growing towards fullness = you on your journey!).

The Spiral reminds us that all is unfolding. That we have the power to change, and while we are working the tools to hone our skills, we may spiral in and out of what may feel like successes and failures, but remembering that it is all connected, that all experiences help us to learn, and that our intuition connects us to our Soul's journey in a magical way.

A Quick Note on the Ethics of Intuition.

The tools I am sharing for you to deepen your Intuition are for your personal work only.

There are many layers more to practice and understand before offering readings to others, professionally or otherwise. It is unethical to jump ahead and read for someone else before finely tuning your intuitive skills. Intuition is not a "party trick" and should not be used as such. Be cautious when someone wants you to intuit what they may be able to intuit themselves.

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