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My 3 Favorite Grounding Crystals Jun 20, 2019

It is my belief and feeling that almost all crystals are grounding. Crystals come from the earth, and being in contact with one of them, brings me into contact with the part of the earth that they are from.

Crystals, stones, gemstones, all come from the earth. They ARE the earth. Working with them, allows the vibrations of the earth and the resonance of each crystal's particular color and frequency expression, to enter your field.

For the purposes of this share, I'm just talking about using crystals for grounding. There are so many other ways to work with your crystals, too!

Here is the list of my 3 favorite grounding crystals to work with:

1) Black Tourmaline; I have a big old chunk of this on the dash in my car. I grab it and palm it when needed. I also buried pieces of black tourmaline in the four corners of my yard, to protect my home. All black crystals are considered to be grounding. They absorb negativity, and root you to the earth.

black tourmaline

2) Smokey Quartz; another amazing absorber of energies, connecting you to the earth, and purifying electromagnetic charges. It is a detoxifying crystal, which will help relieve you of heavy energies and connect you to the soothing calm of Mother Earth.

smokey quartz

3) Moss Agate; I love this stone for its unique connection to earth. Its rich green hues resemble the mossy lichen found in nature, and aligns us to the deep green energy of our planet. It stabilizes your energy, promotes growth and abundance, and is deeply grounding.

moss agate

Using these crystals, or any others that you feel drawn to, to help ground you, is a wonderful way to get back to center.

You can read more about other ways to get grounded here.

How you can work with me

I love using crystals in my healing work. It is particularly effective when I add them to your Distance Reiki healing. I use them in several ways. One of which is, after I am complete with your healing session, I "charge" up a crystal with an intention for you. Then I program the crystal, using different symbols and mantras, to continuously send you Reiki for a prolonged period of time, with that specific crystal energy amplifying the intention. It is a powerful combination. Learn more here. 

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