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The Purpose of Healing Aug 20, 2019

Across my lifetime, I have experienced moments of absolute clarity and connection to Source, where I have received a "download" of instantaneous, but often very complex information.

After a recent breathwork journey, I received one such message, as related to a deeply traumatic and scarring experience in my childhood. I humbly share the message I received with you now.

Unresolved Past Issues

When we have an unresolved past issue which still requires healing, it is the nature of the wound to arise and seek the healing it needs.

When we feel triggered, when we are reactive, or when we feel a deeply embodied response to something which others may not have a reaction to at all, it is because our wound is still present.

Something about the present situation reminds us of how we were hurt in the past, and we may not even realize what is happening, or that we are reacting to what is occurring in the present because of a past experience of pain.

Why does this keep happening?

The past is definitely over, and no longer presently occurring. But in our physical body, and in our subconscious mind, time does not exist. Everything is simply the present moment. So, when we experience something that reminds our system of something we've experienced before, we feel like we are right back in it. Even unconsciously.

It's why PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a very real experience.

The Download

What I understood in the moment of my connection with Source, was that we can experience something really difficult for the sole purpose of healing from it.

It is a difficult concept to describe, and fathom. And I'm sure it's pretty "out there" and you may not like it or feel it works with your life experience. If that's the case, I honor that and where you are on your journey and I acknowledge that your path to healing may offer different wisdom. I have no attachment to being "right", I'm just sharing my learned experience.

Soul Contracts

It is my understanding that we come to this Earth plane in order to heal exactly the wounds we receive. In this belief system, before we are born on Earth, we make agreements, or "contracts", with our Soul and Soul Family to have that experience so that we may learn from it and heal it.

Our Soul Family is a family of Souls who you incarnate with time and time again. It's why we feel strong and deep connections with certain people in our lives, and sometimes feel like we've known them "before".

Your Earth family ancestors may also have gone through similar woundings, maybe through the same experience, or maybe through a different one. But it is possible that many of your past wounds were passed down to you through your ancestral lineage.

It is common to have experienced wounding in our childhood, which creates a resolve in us not to "become my mother/father", and to do things differently. However, if we haven't healed the wound, we will continue to pass it on to our children even if we consciously desire to do something different.

Healing yourself, heals your past and your future

You may be here to heal a wound on behalf of your entire ancestral lineage.

When you heal that wound, you heal the past and the future. You heal yourself, and you heal the line of that wound.

Tangible Examples

Imagine that you grew up in a house where your mother experienced debilitating depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and attempts. Your wound may be feeling abandoned. Your mother didn't actually abandon you, but you didn't feel her presence and love permeating your existence. Instead, she was trapped in the dysfunctions of her own mind. She loved you more than anything, but lacked the skills to express that beyond the confined of her mental issues.

Now fast forward to present day. You cling to people in your relationships, and are a "people pleaser". Your subconscious priority is to never be abandoned again.

Yet, you seem to attract partners and lovers who don't stick around, or who are chronically late, or poor communicators. Or perhaps you always stress out when your partner doesn't come home on time. Maybe you have lost your job unexpectedly more than once.

These situations arise to remind you of the unhealed wound of feeling abandoned.

How to Heal

There are many paths to healing, and I urge you to explore what resonates with you. But I do recommend you work with someone who is a professional, and who is able to guide you to healing. We sometimes think we can do it on our own, and the truth is that it is very difficult and lonely to do that. We can learn so much from others, and from allowing others to support us, that healing is often more available to us when we take that path.

I offer Soul Retrieval Journeys, in which I travel into your past and invite the lost part of your Soul to return to the present time, and offer healing within the Quantum Field. It can be a really powerful but gentle way to reconnect to the original wounding, without needing to "re-traumatize" since you don't have to experience it.

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