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Death Doula Work

As a Death Doula, I offer non-medical care and non-judgmental companionship to the dying and their loved ones. Doulas comfort, guide, support and empower clients and help prepare and move through emotional, spiritual and logistical needs during a time of huge transformation. 

A Death Doula can assist with:

  • Planning: Helping the dying person plan for their death and find meaning in their life.

  • Dying: Ensure someone is comfortable and that their wishes are being carried out

  • After Death: Helping the family immediately after death, carrying out logistical needs.

A Death Doula primarily supports the needs of the dying person:

  • Talking with the person about dying, identifying their wishes

  • Helping them plan for what they want after their death

  • Helping the dying person find meaning and leave a legacy

  • Helping to create a nice ambiance in the space for death

  • Providing Spiritual support or leading rituals

A Death Doula can also assist the family with:

  • Logistical support

  • Organizing a physical space for the dying person

  • Taking over caregiving duties so they can rest

  • Helping plan for remains/memorial service

  • Helping the loved ones process their emotions through compassionate listening

  • Providing Spiritual support

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